First… Well, Sort of, First Post!

I deleted all previous blog posts with a simple vision in mind… that vision being to make this section really more personal while integrating work, play, family, business, travel, etc. all into one place. The goal is really to have my readers learn more about me and to connect with me on a level that is not just about “photography services”. The fact is- I am human too! There is more to me than just carrying around a camera and snapping pictures.

Another goal that I have for this blog is to incorporate elements of my community. I am interested in learning more about and sharing what local artists, businesses, farms and the like are doing and sharing that with my audience. I believe collaboration and sharing or combining stories and services helps other small, local businesses to get their stories out or to share with a larger audience the products or services that they, too, may offer.

In lieu of an “about me” page, I ask that you please subscribe and follow along if you’d like to get know me and learn more about, not only the services that I offer, but the projects that I may be working on or what my family and I may be up to. In turn, I’d like to get to know more about you, so please leave comments as these posts progress. I will do my best to respond to any questions that you may have or to just engage in general conversation. I also haven’t set any hard goals on posting- like when, what time, or how often- but I’d like to think I could manage a post at least once per week. We will see where it all takes us! If you find anything on here that you enjoy or think that others in your circle may enjoy, please share and link back to the original post! You can also see what I am up to on Instagram and follow along there, if you’d like.

Thanks again!


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